Smartthings, gocontrol/linear garage controller and siri

We have a Gocontrol/Linear garage door opener that is set up and works in the SmartThings app on my phone. However you need to open the app and do it by physically touching the buttons.

Is there a way I can use Siri to open/close the garage door? Eg. “Siri, close the garage door” or “siri, ask smartthings to close the garage door”.

I am not tech savvy but I can follow simple instructions, maybe even complex ones if the instructions are clear.

Siri works with HomeKit, SmartThings does not. However, there is a way to use HomeKit with SmartThings but it is very complicated, requires considerable technical skills, requires a separate device set up as a server, and if you were interested in that method you would probably be asking this question in a different way. But here’s the link to the video on that method if you are interested. Most people who are not already programmers won’t use it, though.

There is another much easier alternative, which is to use Siri to send a text message to the free IFTTT service and have that text message be the “if” in an IFTTT applet. This works fine, and it’s what we used to use before the Amazon echo came out, but there is a limit on the total number of messages you can use each month with the free service. It’s set, I believe, at 100 now, which might be enough for your use case or might not just depending on how often you were going to open the garage door.

That method is discussed in the following thread: