Linear/GoControl Garage door opener and guest usage via iphone

I have a GoControl Garage door opener installed and have it configured to open through the SmartThings App on my iphone.

Here’s the issue: I am having guests coming over Thanksgiving and want to give them access to the garage door but I can’t figure out how to do it without giving them full access to the Smarththings app.

Any suggestions? I do not want to use geofencing.


Loan them the old-school remote control that came with the garage door opener?

Wish I could but I don’t have any which is why I installed the z-wave controller in the first place.

Install life360 app and configure for yourself, immediate family to play with it. Then setup a guest group. You can invite your guests and all they’ll need to do is install life360 and join the group.

You could use a button like this.

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Thanks. Looked into this. How do you add the garage door to the app?

You just add the folks as presence sensors. When a person arrives you can open the garage door, then close it after a delay if you wish. Do you use Core for Automation?

Cool. I have myself set up as a presence sensor and it opens the door as I drive up. How do I set it to close again after a certain time. i am still a newbie at all this?

Do you use Core for automation? If not I’d recommend looking into installing it and familiarizing yourself. Without Core SmartThings is fairly useless imho, not being a jerk just how I see it lol. If your not semi techie it might be a little overwhelming at first but it’s very simple to use. With Core you can create a routine to open the door when any one who is identified as a presence sensor arrives, wait for a time period (10 minutes say) and then close the doors. Or you could close them based on some other event as you see fit. Core will open up a lot of power for you.

Do you use ActionTiles? If so create a panel with the Garage Door opener and then share that panel to your friends that are coming over. They can open the page on their phone, open/close the door and when everyone has gone home you can revoke access to the panel for later use or delete the panel all together.