Smartthings find two device "left behind" notification limit

Hey Guys,

I’m using Galaxy SmartTag2-s to track my cars and scooter(s), unfortunately one of my scooters got stolen, and I did not realize in time, it tracked to a location, but I only figured it out a couple of weeks later giving time for the thieves to cover their tracks.

I set up a notification if they are “left behind”, but it seems, I can only add 2 devices at a time for this feature, meaning I have to choose one vehicle that won’t be notifying me if it’s taken. What’s the reason behind this 2 device limit? Can it be raised or lifted? It would be really helpful, and I just can’t see why it’s in place.

Thanks in advance.

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Devices can only be connected to two tags at any instant but I can’t remember why, if indeed I ever knew. I guess that might be related to the “left behind” limits.

so if I set up a safe zone around my house, I’m away from home, and someone takes my device which has a smart tag with this function turned on, it won’t warn me?