SmartThings Extend still nowhere to be found

As we near the end of 2016 and look to 2017 CES happening in Vegas next week, I wonder when oh when my 2016 4k SmartTV that I paid over $2000 in 2016 will get the Extend. You folks have verged on the criminal with your blatant misrepresentation of a product you touted a year ago and have yet to release to those of us silly to have bought in. No offers of regret nor offers of refund, just a cute little website that says “We’ll email you updates” yet no such updates arrive.

Bad showing guys… you’re making a Platinum Samsung Member really contemplate leaving the brand altogether. I don’t do business with folks who can’t produce the results they sell.


I am in the same boat. Pretty weak.

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It seems to be getting to the point that vaporware is the main product of EVERY company.

Bottom line is that you cannot make promised upgrades a reason you purchase something. You have to be content with the feature set a thing has when you buy it, and treat the promises of upgrades as “highly unlikely”.


The Smartthings team probably has very little (if any at all) control over this. You’re probably preaching to the choir, as I’m sure they want integration (as well as the associated reach from said integration) into major Samsung product lines ASAP.

I absolutely agree with that, however it wasn’t sold as a “promised upgrade”. The box clearly had it on the outside as though it was ready to go. Once the box was open there was a little business card that said “go to our website and order your device”. On the website you were directed to put your email address in to receieve updates for when it would be available. This was in June of this year. The TV even had the app available, which of course did nothing.

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If you had been paying attention and actually looking for it, you should have answered the calls for Beta testers. Myself as well as a few others posted about the search for people to test the Extend with links to sign up to get one free for testing.


Hmmm…I think a side question we might want to ask is: Will the Smart Hub team actually hijack the Smartthings Extend and integrate it into TVs for 2018 after a few months of live testing of the Extend in 2017?

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Yes, the customer who was sold an item should spend each day looking for some elusive post on the SmartThings website about becoming a BETA Tester for an item that was promised with the purchase of my new 2016 TV… how foolish of me. I should want to be the guinea pig for the item I was sold…

Yeah… that’s the answer I’m sure of it.


I’m not ( nor will I be in the foreseeable future) in the market for a $2k-$6k TV. If I’m spending that much I’m putting in a 3D projector and a full wall screen. However I do not remember there being an actual release date for the Extend. Just that it would be available as a future upgrade for 2016 and newer of certain model TVs. So I doubt your claim of suing them for criminal fraud and misrepresentation will float.

I never said I would sue anyone… please don’t put words in my mouth.

I just used your own words.

Time to stop tracking this thread.


Nowhere in that do I say I would sue anyone. If you don’t understand a sentence, copying and pasting it doesn’t make you more right.


Awww man… I was so hoping for another lawsuit thread… Those are my favorites!


Nope, my only “threat” is to walk away from my love affair with Samsung products and my Platinum Membership. Over promise and under deliver is not a good stratagem for retaining solid customers

And that’s why name loyalty is a waste of time…

Unless it’s duke’s mayonnaise, or sweet baby rays, Kraft Mac and cheese, or Pepsi max… You get my point…

When it comes to electronics, buy the features you want, not the name… The driver chips in tv’s are made by one of two companies and you’d be amazed at how many tv’s have Panasonic screens in them… Just saying, most differences are in the software running the thing.


He bought a feature that looked like it was “in the box”. Samsung clearly misrepresented the contents. Thought we had laws on the books to protect us from this kind of $#!%

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I totally agree with that. Sweet Baby Ray’s never disappoints! Happy New Years!

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If it were really advertised on the box as an included feature, then first I’d try to return the TV. If that doesn’t work file a dispute with your credit card company on the basis of false advertisement. Once they get enough returns, they then might re-evaluate their next vaporware promises.

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Highly unlikely. 2012 when Samsung invented evolutionary TVs they promised (at CES) Evolution Kits will be released at least until 2016. Only 2 have been released, last one in 2014.
So this is not the first time Samsung has promised something but never delivered. I don’t think it’s the last time either.