SmartThings Extend still nowhere to be found

Sadly, I believe this to be true.

You forgot Clorox. Clorox never lets you down…bleaches every time, even when you don’t want it to because you accidentally put your favorite jeans in.


It seems someone actually did something about false advertising.

I have 3 TV’s that i bought because of this promise…

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I fought them for a year on a defective plasma that was still in warranty when I first reported the issue. Samsung really stinks at customer service, they always have. I generally avoid them these days. Panasonic has been my go-to for years now, and FAR more responsive with fewer issues.

I laughed when ST and Samsung hooked up and started talking about the Extend. I knew it wouldn’t happen from day one. Sorry I was right, really hoped ST would have enough pull to make them be true to their word.

Yep. Just went through that with a list/todo software package. I tried to find ways to make it work with Echo, then finally I said to myself “why bat my head against this wall, when software that is 100% compatible exists?” So we switched, and are not looking back. Companies show zero loyalty to their customers and employees; the only loyalty they deserve from customers is what they get by satisfying those customers.


Yes. I have an older Samsung TV & it is as if I don’t exist to them. It has issues…