Free Smartthings Extend

First time posting so I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section, but just got an alert from SlickDeals that Smartthings is offering the Extend for free with pre-order. Shows $39.99 but subtracts that price as promo. Total was $0.00
Only works with select 2016 TVs. Was planning on getting an on-sale model TV but this will push me into getting one of the new ones.
Just ordered and got confirmation at 1:59 PM EST.

I suspect it will be free for a very long time (or on and off…). SmartThings needs the momentum…

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Strange as I can only sign up to be notified when it is available. No option to purchase it.

Same here. Would be cool to get one but to be free, probably have to have proof of purchase for the TV or something. Someone on this forum will figure out how to use it as a Pi dongle for z-wave/zigbee, assuming that’s what it has in it.

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I saw this on SD as well, and got same results as most when I went there.

So, what the heck?..did they have it open to whomever wanted one before, and then had to close it down because they want to be able to manage who gets them (i.e. only people that actually have a compatible TV)?

I ordered one and received an order confirmation. I was not prompted to enter any information, just shipping address.

When did you do it?

Same here, I plan on buying a new tv as well, the LED’s are going out on my living room unit.

Probably about an hour after the OP. (confirmation said 1:20pm central time)

My order confirmation is 12 CDT.

I also read in the forums a lot of people are now just getting a page to notify them when it’s back in stock. Wish I had seen it earlier. Was trying to get it posted here so the real Smartthing enthusiast could grab some before the ebayers scooped them up just to try to resale them.

LOL, the last thing I need is more SmartThings devices to fix.

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Oy. This is, unfortunately, all too representative of modern corporate thinking.

What’s killing ST’s momentum is the endless performance issues.
They won’t make up the difference by adding a new gimmick. And perhaps had they put the resources into stabilizing the existing product instead of into a gimmick, their momentum would hve been maintained… and adding the gimmick would look like smart expansion instead of a desperate ploy.


Well… If we believe SmartThings’s posts; they believed the platform was sufficiently stable to launch the TV initiative. The Ides of March Platform crash took the company completely by surprise. :rolling_eyes:


Any update on this? Would be great to actually give this a whirl on my Samsung TV. The TV’s have been out for awhile now and this dongle is still not available anywhere.

Still waiting on mine. I had forgot about it until I just saw your post. In truth I’m holding off on purchasing the TV until I see how others fare with it. If it’s not too impressive I plan on saving a few bucks and just get last year’s model for a discount on sale somewhere and anyone is welcome to have my Extend for free.

Am I completely wrong thinking that this is not much more than an Android TV stick with ST app preloaded ? The page does not give any real details about " the device" .

Yes, you’re wrong.

Unfortunately, although many of those TVs are shipping now, they won’t be able to act as SmartThings hubs until “sometime this summer,” according to a representative I spoke with. At that point Samsung will ship out little white dongles called SmartThings Extend, which look like USB sticks and plug into the TVs’ USB ports. The dongles contain (among other things) the antennas needed for control of SmartThings as well as ZigBee and Z-wave devices.

BTW, we’re in the second half of the summer now and there’s no sign of SmartThings Extend.

That’s what the Extend is for :slight_smile:


Judging by how CES announced products pan out, you may see the extend after My Q, Rachio, Netgear and the plethora of devices announced in 2015 are integrated…

Don’t forget about bluetooth! They should really enable that feature before releasing an actual product.