Smartthings Existential Crisis - Is it time to leave? (April 2021)

those of you leaving should keep in mind that its not perfect with the others either. each has its own pros and cons. with others you have to have a strong understanding of programming. some even ever so quietly sneak back.

Samsung is moving closer with google because google is paying them a boatload of $$$$$. Samsungs problem is they keep introducing things & taking things away. Although i detest apple, samsung should take a page from them. Samsung does not know what the word commitment is. Everything I have is pretty much samsung but sometimes I second guess myself.


Samsung likes to throw darts at the wall and see what sticks. Some features (like screen recording) started with samsung and became a mainstay on other phones. Others (like the iris sensors) end up being phased out.

Iris wasn’t a Samsung product.


No no, I’m referring to the iris scanners on the phones!