Smartthings Energy Germany

I have uge problems with the ST Energy Service.
I think i done everything what it takes but nothing is working. I have two ST V3 Hubs. Latest Firmware different Device but i dont see any Energy Consumption in the app.

Maybe some one has the same issue and can help me?
The devices in the device list are counting the energy consumption but if i go into the Smartthings Energy Service there is 0 energy consumption.

What devices? Brand and model?

I have the Aquara Smart Plug and the SmartThings Smart Plug.
Then i have 2 Home Appliance Devices from Samsung. If i go on the Device page i see all the stuff about the actual energy consumption and so one.

But in the Energie Service nothing is counted from the devices.


In the energy monitor, click the three dots, select “Deine unterstützten Geräte” (supported devices). Do you see your devices there?