Smartthings + Echo show + Ring

I am planning to buy a Ring doorbell v2, and understand this can connect to the Amazon Show 2 (so you can see the door camera, etc). Can this ALSO be connected to trigger events in Smartthings? Not clear to me whether the ring can integrate with both show & smartthings simultaneously for different uses. Any input appreciated.

Yes it can. Shows up as a button and motion sensor in SmartThings.

Fantastic - thank yu

Something that may not be clear. You can use the camera with Alexa and Ring, but you can’t talk to the person at your door though the Show.

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It seems when someone presses the button, you can tell alexa to show the front door which is good. However, it doesnt seem there is a way for Alexa to be the “chime” and have the doorbell inform alexa. Has anyone done this somehow?