SmartThings Doesn't Show Actual Temperature of Refrigerator

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I’m using smartthings with my samsung RB50DG6020B1 refrigerator and where it is supposed to show the actual temperature of the refrigerator, it only shows the temperature that I set.

Can it be a issue?


It’s that way because for some unknown reason, they choose to put the cooler.thermostatCoolingSetpoint and freezer.thermostatCoolingSetpoint components in the device presentation instead of cooler.temperatureMeasurement and freezer.temperatureMeasurement. You can see the actual temperature measurements in the ST Advanced Web App or the ST CLI.

bep@debian12:~$ smartthings devices:component-status 
? Select a device. 89
 #   Id             
 1   camera-01      
 2   cooler         
 3   cvroom         
 4   freezer        
 5   icemaker       
 6   icemaker-02    
 7   icemaker-03    
 8   main (default) 
 9   pantry-01      
 10  scale-10       
 11  scale-11       
? Select a component. 2
 Capability                        Attribute             Value    
 contactSensor                     contact               "closed" 
 custom.disabledCapabilities       disabledCapabilities  []       
 temperatureMeasurement            temperatureRange               
 temperatureMeasurement            temperature           39 F     
 custom.thermostatSetpointControl  minimumSetpoint       34 F     
 custom.thermostatSetpointControl  maximumSetpoint       44 F     
 thermostatCoolingSetpoint         coolingSetpointRange           
 thermostatCoolingSetpoint         coolingSetpoint       39 F     

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One more help if you can. I notice that the refrigerator display always shows the temperature that is set (-17Β° and 2Β°). If I leave the door open, it heats up internally, it continues to show the same temperature. I have the impression that the refrigerator always understands this temperature (-17Β° and 2Β°) and it takes a long time to reach the set temperature after an open door, for example. I can see these variations because I put a datalogger thermometer inside it.

Could it be some parameter issue? Nobody from Samsung Brazil knows how to help.

All parameters are here:

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

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There is no way in the mobile app to see the actual temperature. The temperature on the sliders and the temperature displayed in the shaded oval reflect the cooling set points for the cooler and the freezer. You can only see the actual temperature with the methods I described previously.

If you want to monitor the actual temperature and get notifications when the temperature goes above a certain level, I would suggest using the 3rd party rules engine

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Perfect!! Thanks a lot!

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Has anyone contacted Samsung about this? If yes, what was their response?

It’s frustrating because the current temps are collected and are visible in all available attributes through SmartThings Web Advanced so why can’t they make it visible through the regular app?

I wonder what their reasoning is

I would say it was either an oversight on their part or it’s a bug. It’s an easy fix to just change the presentation definition to use the actual temps vs the setpoints. It’s just getting someone to do it that’s hard.

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I’m new to this but just noticed that the β€œtemperatureMeasurement” isn’t constantly updated. Maybe that’s why they are not showing it but they could create an option for it to update x amount of minutes, etc

Looking at mine right now, it hasn’t updated in 6 hrs which is around the time I disabled Power Freeze. Maybe it only updates if temperature changes or related settings are modified.

I believe temperatureMeasurement only shows an update timestamp when there is a change in temperature. For example, my freezer is normally at 0 deg and there has not been a timestamp update since early Feb, presumably because it’s always at 0 deg. My fridge temperature hasn’t changed since Apr 28 which is the day we left for some travel and the door hasn’t been opened since then.

I think you’re right on. Trying to explain this and escalated through regular support isn’t working well so I just tried the β€œEmail the CEO office”

Maybe if they get a bunch of those perhaps they can get the SmartThings devs to implement this.