Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Issue

Hi All,

I have a Samsung RB50 refrigerator and I think it has a software issue, the refrigerator always shows the desired temperature instead the real one. For example, in this photo inside the cooler was 5° and it sent the command that it was 1° which was the temperature that was set. The actual temperature is always the desired one and the fridge never reaches the desired temperature. The temperature fluctuates a lot throughout the day, for example from 3° to 6°, when it was set to 1°.

Another forum member has already helped me with some information, but now I’m sure of this issue.

Is there an option to update the firmware or reset it?

Thank you.

Since no one has responded yet… you may also consider posting on the Samsung Community forum for appliances or contacting Samsung support directly. Go to Samsung’s website, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links to both.

As for updating the ST firmware or resetting. Samsung does not offer the ability to update… when new firmware is released… it gets pushed out. As for resetting the appliance, I would recommend NOT doing that unless it is absolutely needed. In many cases, it will not resolve all issues and on occasion causes more headaches. Before doing a reset… speak or communicate with Samsung Support or post on the Samsung Community forum for appliances where staff are sometimes around to assist.

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Hi jkp, thanks for the clarifications. I will contact support directly with them.

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