Im new and Deciding on a hub. Smartthings questions

So I am considering smart things hub, I’m also wondering about openhab.
OK I’d like to know can I run this hub totally locally and not use the cloud at all, or no internet?
Also will cheap 3rd party sensors work? (like from adafruit or raspberry pi)
What about other 3rd party lights and plugs, like lifx, or tplink bulbs and outlets?
Is there a way to use smart phones as cams with this hub?

No, you can’t. As for the rest of your questions, maybe, possibly, but not out of the box.

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Cool. Yeah what’s the apps your using and links to that set up? I asked about cellphones because I use Alfred app for cams and audio monitoring with old cell phones . They link up through logging in all devices with your Gmail acct. I would love an app or way to do this thru smartthings

I read V2 of the hub doesn’t need the cloud , so in turn thought that meant it can be all local, since other hubs allow for just local use only. They should send a patch that at least gives the option. people want options and ease. Many I talk to won’t do home automation because it’s not as seamless as it could be due to no real standards and no cross compatibility, compatibility

To piggy back in this…

If you feel you might need local control during an internet outage, get some Minimotes. They run local. Then set up your smart lighting as normal but include the button push from a Minimote.

Then you can manually fire local automations while the internet is out.

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And it works with android cell phones like Samsung Galaxy s4?