Smartthings devices work both in US and EU?

Do devices such as motion detector work both in US and EU?
I am aware of limitations of z-wave devices but not for these kind of devices.

You should ask support for the official answer, but in general, zigbee home automation profile devices will work just fine with one note:

Different countries have different laws as for how strong a zigbee transmission can be. The US allows for “boosted” or “amplified” zigbee which is almost twice as strong as the strongest zigbee signal allowed by law in the EU.

Most of the current generation of the SmartThings – branded zigbee devices are OK to use in either the US or the EU. You can ask support if any individual device uses boosted zigbee before you buy it.

When buying other brands, if you see that it says “amplified” or “boosted” or if the transmission power is higher than 12, then it would be unlawful to use in the EU.

Devices with amplified zigbee will still connect OK to a UK version of the hub, it’s just that operating them within the UK is illegal.

The last time I checked, the SmartThings branded motion sensor and multisensor were not using boosted zigbee, but the leak sensor (which is made by a different company) was. But check to be sure.


Thank you very much for such a detailed answer

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