Devices from 2 locations in 1 Alexa Account

Hi there,

I currently have a SmartThings hub in my home and my parents have one in their home. I am a member of their home. We both also use Alexa.

When I go into my Alexa app, I’m seeing all of my devices. However, I’m also seeing my parent’s SmartThings devices. Is there a way to get it so it doesn’t try to connect their SmartThings devices on my Alexa?

They are not members of my ST home, so they are not experiencing the problem.

I appreciate any help provided on this!

This is an artifact lf the ‘new - upgraded’ Alexa skill. (quick search in the form will reveal one of the longest threads on yhe site on this very subject)

In short - for now, no. Nothing you can do about it except disable the devices you dont want to use in Alexa.

The community demanded a change and st says (in that megathread i mentioned) they’re redesigning it to allow filtering but its a heavy lift and its not coming quickly.


Thank you so much for the quick reply. When I did a quick google search, the only things that came up were questions from 2017 that didn’t actually seem related or relevant. I very much appreciate the info!