Smartthings devices getting offline

I’m using Smartthings since the V1 Hub. RecentlyI moved to a new apartment and decided to buy a V3 HUB and use zigbee automation for everything.

I have 55 zigbee devices on my apartament. And everyday there is a failure in one or the other. Devices gets offline for no reason, then I must go to the fusebox and force the restart of then by killing the switch on and off. I didn’t have this problem in my previous home with my older V1 Hub.

Example of a problem. I got a pack of 6 lights that are grouped in a lighitng group. Sudelly one of then get’s off line. Then I can’t switch then indivitually, although I can turn then on using the group. That’s very strange. Lights does not accept individual commands but do accept group commands.

Anyone else are experience this?

I’m using zemismart lights and switches.

Right now, I’ve got 8 lights devices offline. That, although I cannot access then directly, I can change their status thru the group they belong.

Any sugestions?

If this happens with your zwave devices try to do a few repairs.

What do you mean by a few repairs? Could you help-me being more specific?

Moreover, how to fix it?

If you have zigbee devices which you stated in your first post… z-wave repair would not help you.


Open your hub, tap the 3 dots, zwave utilities, repair zwave network

3 possible scenarios that come to mind… (if zigbee)

  1. wifi interference… wifi router could be too close to the v3 hub.

  2. channel interference… wifi router 2.4 ghz channel and v3 hub zigbee channel are over lapping.

  3. one of your zigbee devices could be having an issue and not repeating the signal to other devices properly.

I guess I could add a 4th… what device handlers are you using and brands/models for the devices?

Thanks… I did a few network repairs. So far the problem persists.


I will take a look on that. Although, if it were a 2.4 ghz colision problem. Wouldn’t that be affecting the entire network?

Furthermore, everytime a kill the fusebox and turn on again. A different set of devices are offline.

Keep in mind that they may show offline for about 15 minutes after it has been turned on but work perfectly.

Some doubts. After the zwave network fix. Offiline devices should be available? Or should I kill the fusebox? What would be the complete procedure to the “repair zwave”.

And what’s the expected result?

So far, as example, what I did:

  1. clicked on repair zwave one time
  2. check if devices became online. But they didn’t
  3. clicked on repair zwave several times
  4. still checks that we have offline devices.

as jkp said above a zwave repair will do nothing for your zigbee devices. they are 2 different radio protocols.

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After more than a month over the problem. I still have no real solution. Zemismarts downlights are stillf getting offline. Do you recomend any device handler specific for zemismart downlights?

Some devices have a very long wake interval that Smartthings interprets as the device going offline. You may be able to tweak that for your problematic devices. However, this capability does vary from device to device.
As mentioned above, a Z-wave repair will not help Zigbee device connection issues and will only help with z-wave devices.

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thanks, although, how to tweak thease devices? I’m still facing the same disconecting issues.

Is there a way to debug why the devices are becoming offline? and why I can still reach them thru the lighting group?

When a device is marked ‘offline’ it generally means that ST hasn’t seen activity from it that it would expect to, even after being given a nudge. However it might mean that ST is expecting the wrong thing and the device is still working fine. Unfortunately device health has always been very much behind the scenes so it isn’t clear exactly what is going on.

With the new Edge drivers devices seem to be able to recover from being marked offline which is great (unfortunately quite a few are being marked offline rather too frequently but it is beta code). That doesn’t seem to be true of the legacy DTH based devices.

Unfortunately the weight placed on a device being ‘offline’ varies. Bizarrely the API won’t even include offline devices in device lists. The mobile apps will largely disable all interaction with offline devices. However it sounds like whoever implemented the lighting groups was less inclined to take too much notice of the offline status and just tries the commands anyway.

what zigbee channel are you using? i use channel 25…