SmartThings Data Usage!

What kind of data usage would a SmartThings Hub consume for a basic set up of 8 -10 things. LIke contact sensors, moisture sensors, thermostat and door lock?

What will be the best way of assessing this?

Any ideas?

@Tyler didn’t think it would exceed 1 gb…

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You can use tethering and only connect the hub to the network and you’ll see exactly how much data it uses…

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On my setup, over 100 devices and smartapps galore, motion sensors and switches in every room, no SmartThings video devices, and with SmartTiles running when people in the kitchen, my Peplink router gives hourly, daily, monthly stats by IP address. For my SmartThings v1 hub IP address Peplink reports the following bandwidth usage:

Range ------------------------- Download Upload Total
January 13 (one day): 5.98 MB 7.84 MB 13.8 MB
December 2015 full month: 174 MB 228 MB 401 MB


Thats a good option, except I dont have tethering on my account. I would expect there to be a way to assess this at a router level. Or any other way?

Excellent! Thats exactly what I was looking for. So its less than 500 MB for over 100 devices. That is lot lesser than I thought!! Thanks a lot!

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I should mention I have an Aeon HEM v2 reporting energy usage and uploading watts and kwh data via smartapp to thingspeak a couple times per minute, weather tile, MYQ polling etc etc…

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Here are my usage stats for the last 3 months. I have version 2 with almost 80 devices.

52.5 MB

110.0 MB

78.1 MB


The hub is a good candidate for hooking up to a Freedompop hotspot device. I run just over 50 things and the monthly data use is averaging 220MB. You can get 500MB for free every month.


Has anyone tested SmartThings on Freedompop for a long period of time? I live near one of the cell towers Freedompop uses and when I tested the absolutely free service (disable the sneaky speedup add-on monthly fees) as a backup ISP two years ago the service was absolutely terrible. Latency was off the charts. Web pages took forever to load. Freedompop has said you have to buy the performance monthly service in order to maintain usable QoS 24x7. They lease the lowest priority unused bandwidth from another provider. I wonder how responsive the ST hub would be on Freedompop considering v2 hub local processing isn’t an option for most of the smartapps we use.

I ran FreedomPop on WiMax for over a year using their HubBurst modem. It ran great. Now that WiMax is shutdown I picked up one of their 4G hot spots. Its been rock solid since Oct 2015. I don’t have anymore lag than when connected to my cable network. I did configure my hot spot only use 3G which seems to make my setup more reliable. I figure it doesn’t matter using 3G as I don’t need high speed anyway.

I think it is the way to go because the cellular network is more reliable than home broadband and if SmarThings ever gets the reliability up it would be better for security because you don’t need to worry about having your system disabled if they cut the lines. I power everything using a 20,000mAH USB charger.

Is Freedom pop really free? Is it free for life ? What ceveats are there to consider?

In all my time with FreedomPop I have paid zero dollars other than the initial cost to purchase the hardware.
I have only used this service for connecting the SmartThings Hub which is well under the 500MB data limit that FreedomPop gives you every month.

Keep in mind that FreedomPop is in the business of making money and it is IMPORTANT to pay close attention to the fine print of the terms and condition. When you sign up you will be put on a free 30 day plan that will automatically start charging you after 30 days. You must go into your account and downgrade to the free service and it isn’t always obvious on how that is done. Once it is setup correctly it becomes a service that requires no further attention.


how do you connect your ethernet Smartthings hub to Freedompops Wifi device?

With a Wireless AP Adapter. It has an Ethernet connector that plugs into the SmartThings Hub. The Wireless AP Adapter is programmed to connect to the FreedomPop Hotspot. Everything is powered with USB connectors and everything plugs into a 20,000MaH USB battery charger.

It used to be simpler when I could use the HubBurst modem but the WiMax network was taken offline last November and that is how I ended up with the setup I have now. It has been running for 3 months without a hiccup. Seems to be more reliable than my regular broadband connection and the problems with squirrels chewing through cable lines.

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VERY NICE (20 Char).

I got mine installed a bit ago. Every 30 minutes my system is showing 2mb of data. figure that over a 31 day billing cycle that is 2976Mb of data. Int think the free plan is gonna work for me. I have no cameras and about 110 devices on my network.

Was this soon after you installed it?
If yes, then I have noticed that too… it will stop after a little over 100 MB.

good deal I will let it run a few days until the data runs out or it calms down one or the other


I have been running my hub on a the cellular network for almost two years now. I have nearly 50 devices and average 160MB per month. If there is a hub update it will use a bit more than that but well below what you are seeing.