Smartthings-controlled Fibaro devices not working in Alexa Routines

I am having a strange problem with Alexa and Smartthings. A few days ago I noticed that my ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Sunset’ routines in Alexa didn’t appear to be working.

I have since noticed that they are actually working, its just the Smartthings devices in the routines are not woking. All other devices (the Ikea bulbs for example) are switching on/off.

The weird thing is that voice control and app control of those devices from Alexa work just fine. They also work if put in an ST scene and the routine runs the ST scene. It will just not operate the device directly.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Just noticed the Alexa <-> smartthings skill was updated a couple of day ago. I am guessing that is the culprit…

Is no-one else experiencing this?

What’s the specific model number of the devices that are not working?

There were several bugs in the new skill. See the following existing thread for detailed discussion:

New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)

Its just my Fibaro switches, FGS223 (dual switch) and 212 (dimmer). I have managed to work around it for now by doing all the routines in the ST app and setting them up as scenes that Alexa can call from Routines. But they are pretty basic at the moment.

I am not using any of my ST sensors in Alexa Routines yet - however I want to (virtual as well) so will be affected by this skill issue :frowning:

Thanks for the link to the other thread - I had not come across it but it definitely describes my problem.

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I’ve edited your thread title since it’s not smartthings brand devices that you are having trouble with, but rather Fibaro devices controlled by smartthings.

Unfortunately, that is a known problem since the Alexa skill was updated recently

Thanks @JDRoberts

Weirdly I just added a virtual device and that is working ok in Alexa routines…

There’s nothing weird about that, the glitches were very specific. In particular, there were some problems with Fibaro devices and there were problems with child devices. But see the other thread, it goes into details. :sunglasses:

Ah - ok. I thought there was a chap in there having issues with virtual devices as well.

My smart sensor will not trigger alexa routines. The device does show open and closed action, but routine does not run.