Alexa Helper- Virtual Switches suddenly not working tonight

None of my Alexa Helper switches that have a scenario that activates a Routine seem to be working tonight. They were working till yesterday for years now. Anyone else have this issue? If I go into the smart app to try and edit the virtual switch, picking Routines, etc. grays out the Done button and so you cannot actually set it to control Routines anymore in the smart app. I tried to create a separate scenario to activate a Routine, and the option to control a routine seems to have disappeared altogether.

I did a search and did not see anything announced.

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Hmm, it says now resolved. I am still seeing issues. Hopefully they realize things are still broken and it will be fixed in time for the morning alarms :slight_smile:

Found that the base problem is that none of the Scenes are executing - they report as having executed, but nothing happens. When that is fixed, the rest hopefully will work

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