Alexa stopped controlling one of my Fibaro switches

My Smartthings woes continue! After about a year of seamless operation, 2 nights ago ‘Alexa, turn on the Bedroom’ Turned on the Hue lights fine but the bedside lights using a Fibaro 222 module don’t work. I checked the Alexa app and if I try to control either of those lights it says - Device is Unresponsive.

However the Smartthings app is controlling these lights without a problem.

I rebooted the smarttings hub, no change.

Any ideas?

Are you using a simulated switch to represent the Fibaro? If so, it might be related to the following problem:

In any case, report it to support:

I am indeed using simulated switches.

I have reported this to SmartThings.

Just a bit annoying that a stable system suddenly falls over because of, presumably an unrelated change

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Having read that thread you linked there, it appears you can fix the issue by redefining the end points as virtual switches, not simulated ones…seems to work here again. Assuming they don’t go and break that too!

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