SmartThings Control of iOS apps via IFTTT

My latest project was to figure out how to control iOS apps from SmartThings, cause why should Android users have all the fun. The project turned into being able to log my water (Tea) consumption into Apple Health through the Water minder app using the x-callback-url feature in iOS (Supported iOS Apps).

This is how i put it all together:

  1. The CORE Piston:
    Sends IFTTT a Maker event (teapotLogTea) when the power usage exceeds 1100w. In my case this only happens when i’m brewing tea in my teapot. My teapot does multiple heating cycles during a single brew that will trigger this piston, the pause is to filter those out.

  2. IFTTT Applet
    Receives the Maker event and converts it into an iOS rich notification. The rich notification is important because it makes the x-callback-url executable when tapped in iOS.
    In my case i used
    to log 10oz of tea in the waterminder app

  3. The Alert:
    Once the rich notification is received on your phone all that is left is to tap it and the app will open completing the action sent in the x-callback-url

Considering the x-callback-url feature in iOS is supported by the Shortcuts app this method can trigger any iOS workflow from SmartThings through IFTTT with just the tap of your finger. Enjoy!

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