Can smartthings trigger an IFTTT applet?

(Rey Rios) #1

I would like to run my Good Night routine to trigger an IFTTT applet. In my case, set my Blink camera to be armed. Is this possible?

I am using Android and SharpTools /Tasker if that helps. Thanks!

(Chris) #2

Yes, SmartThings can trigger IFTTT. I don’t think modes or routines are available for whatever reason but a simple workaround is to turn a virtual switch on and off by routine and use that to trigger IFTTT.

(Rey Rios) #3

Are there any postings on how to do this? I cannot see how I can see my Applets on ST.

(Cam Soper) #4

Two ways:

  • Are you familiar with the Maker channel on IFTTT? How about CoRE? If so, it’s pretty trivial to set up CoRE to respond to a routine and send an HTTP request to IFTTT.
  • A simpler path, though less clean, IMHO, is to setup a virtual switch using the web portal, and then use that virtual switch as your trigger in IFTTT.

(Rey Rios) #5

I am slightly familiar with Maker and I use CoRE. I will try to figure it out then. Thanks.

(Cam Soper) #6

Holler if you get stuck.

(Rey Rios) #7

Thanks. I didn’t know CoRE had that integration.

Just in case someone needs the steps, I found this from user @ady624

In IFTTT enable the Maker channel. In CoRE, under Settings, enable IFTTT integration and provide the Maker channel key. After that, in CoRE use the “Send IFTTT Maker event” task and provide an event name (your choice). Go to IFTTT and create a Maker recipe, provide the same trigger event name and choose what to so next. When the task is executed by CoRE, you get IFTTT to do whatever you requested it to do.