Ikettle 3.0 by smarter now working in ST

New Ikettle 3.0 can now work with Smartthings

So the Ikettle 3.0 has now been released which has a moved on pretty well from the previous version. the kettle supports Ifttt, so I thought I would share how I have managed to integrate it into ST. No need for IBrew!

Create an account with smarter and connect your Kettle to wifi

Go to Ifttt and link your Kettle

Create a virtual switch in ST, I would advise calling it Kettle as the virtual switch will switch on the Kettle using Alexa, so "Alexa turn Kettle on. Create the switch as a simulated switch and give it a device id like Iket001.then publish it. Once done you should see the new device Kettle in Things!

Back in iffttt under applets create a new applet and choose new applet and choose smartthings “if this then that” choose “Switched on” choose kettle from the list. Now in the then choose “smarter” and choose “Boil Kettle” then your done.

to check your kettle switches on in ST - Things click the kettle button and your kettle should switch on, the virtual switch now tell ifttt to switch on the kettle.

Get Alexa to search for devices and you should see Kettle select it and now she will fire the virtual switch, this is a nice to have and she wont say sending to Iffttt, however the kettle supports Alexa natively.

If you use webcore add the device “virtual switch” to webcore or core and you can do what you want with it, see examples below.

I also use Sonos notify with sound, so I can get the ceiling speakers to say “Kettle is now switched on”

Examples of what you can do and you all know they are endless : -

If time is between 05:00 and 05:30 and motion is detected in Kitchen, then boild kettle

If Kev is seen by netatmo camera, and time is between 16:00 and 16:30 the turn kettle on

OK I think you get the picture and if you don,t have core and webcore just write a routine in SM

My experience with IFTTT and the kettle as regards delay is about two seconds which I can live with

My final comments on the kettle, well its great and where it should have been with the version 2. Its much improved supports alexa, Ifttt and you can control temperature and with my guide above works seamlessly with ST and is available at Amazon, so no more using smart plug and making sure the switch is on before you go to bed on your old kettle, this thing just works,


If it is WiFi connected is there no way to integrate it directly in to ST?

Not to my knowledge yet but may be Smarter will branch out to ST, I know a lot of people on here don,t like integrating to IFTTT with delay issues but I can say its been pretty solid so far, as I said earlier the delay is a couple of seconds to switch it on through SM and its not skipped any of my routines.

I have never liked putting to many steps to get something to happen it has to much chance of breaking. its just a preference.

But if the WiFi controls are open API we might be able to do something with it.

Totally agree ill have a play, you would only need to see it as a switch

Does anyone know if anyone managed more direct integration like a DTH? I’ve got one of these on the way. I ordered it knowing I might be limited to IFTTT/WebCoRE which I don’t really mind, but I’d love to have it fully supported in SmartThings.

Any news on DTH?

It’s theoretically possible as the TP link devices are wifi and they have a DTH

Check out how I did it