SmartThings Contact Sensor

I have been using a Samsung brand contact sensor for the past few years.

The contact sensor is placed above the door, one on the molding of the lintel and the other on the edge of the door.

The contact is, of course, not perfect. First, it doesn’t touch; it’s about roughly a centimeter from its counterpart. And as far as alignment of depth (the placement measured from the base where it is “glued” to the height of the device); there is some alignment gap due to the molding.

So recently, my sensor keeps alerting my app that the door is not closed.

I’ve had this issue before. Eventually, it only happens for a short window of time. But I’m wondering how I should fix this problem.



a whole centimeter gap is a great distance for a contact sensor. the distance needs to be much closer to prevent door open alerts.alarms. once way to fix the gap would be to get a bare magnet and attach it to the existing magnet to decrease the gap.

I get it a couple of times a year and all I do is pull off the cover, remove the battery and put it right back in. If the sensor light flashes I put the cover back on and then open and close the door and the issue goes away.

I would also suggest this is due to the separation distance. Try building up the 2nd part so it’s nearer the sensor. A bit of plastic or even spare moulding painted so the gap is less and you shouldn’t have any issues