Samsung multi-purpose sensor

For the door to appear closed the magnets have to be flush, but I also discovered that pretty close is good enough which causes a security problem.

Is just me doing a poorly install of these sensors or are they really so poorly engineered?

Suggestions for other door sensors that works with ST is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

‘Pretty close’ in practice is actually very close. I’m unsure why this would present a security problem. The sensors would show a break long before the door or window is open sufficiently to cause any risk.

I have a dedicated/monitored Home Security system through FrontPoint/ and their door and window sensors allow for some very small ‘un-flushness’ too. But long before the door is open sufficiently to cause any ‘space’ at the edge, the magnetic contact will be broken.

In my case a door can appear closed even when it’s not so if someone fails to shut the door properly (kids) it will be a problem. If the door is really shut and someone tries to break in or open the door is a different story. I guess all this will be solved once I get the smart locks in place.

yes. The new multi sensor that came out this year has a pretty strong magnet and registers closed with a gap of about 1 inch between the sensor and magnet and up to about 0.75 inches sliding. if the two pieces are mounted flush, A door that is ajar (open less than an inch) can be seen as closed.

There are some options if you don’t like this: use a weaker magnet or install the pieces with larger gap between sensor and magnet.

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Bigger gap sounds like a plan. I will try that :smiley: