SmartThings connection to Wifi router with 2 settings

New here, but couldn’t find answer on community.

I am waiting for my first ST v3 hub to arrive. I am renting out a cottage (2hrs away) and was planning to set it there in order to monitor temperature & humidity and control the Samsung A/C device (connected to cottage WiFi). Idea is to set the A/C on, once temperator or humidity moves below certain limit.

Now the question part: In the cottage I have a 4G WiFi router for Internet connection. I have changed the default password (something like ‘123aBc!"#’) into something more memorable for the guests to use. :slight_smile: However, it happened couple of weeks that our guest resetted the WiFi router to factory settings, and the “easy password” setting was erased.

Would it be possible to create 2 connection settings so that ST would be able to connect to router using either:
a) EASYROUTERNAME & password: ‘qwerty’
b) DEFAULTROUTERNAME & default password: ‘123aBc!"#’
This way, I could always form a connection even if the router was resetted to default settings. Thank you for answers already!