Ring Doorbell, ST Button, and 433 MHz Gate Control as Intercom System? (Singapore)

I do have a broadlink rmpro3 that open the gates for me now.

So if it can send a notification to the individual owner, he has to open the ring app manually, talks to the person at the gate, and then opens the broadlink app to open the gate. Looks like a few steps too much?

The thing is I dont want to put 14 ring doorbell up at the front gate

Oh, I see, I misunderstood the setup. Are you talking about having 14 different buttons on the gate? But only one camera device?

If so, I probably wouldn’t use Ring for the camera, I would use Arlo or something similar. Less expensive and smaller.

And for the price of 14 buttons you ought to be able to get something Weatherproofed and better looking for the button part.

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The buttons are $15 each!?

Yes, but they are not weatherproof and they have the shortest range of any of the systems that work with smartthings. How far is the gate from where the hub will be?

roughly i can make it 20 meter. It’s within my RF range

RF just means “radio frequency.” There are many different RF protocols with many different ranges.

The SmartThings button uses zigbee, which has a range of about 12 to 15 m.

Zwave Plus Has a range of about 150 m through clear air, but doesn’t do well on rainy days And will drop down to about 25 m when humidity is high.

433 MHz is very similar to zwave plus, maybe a little shorter, but many devices have less trouble with humidity.

Wi-Fi has a range of about 300m with a stronger signal throughout.

These are all RF devices. :sunglasses:

Oh, and what country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.


I am open to suggestion, there is Z-wave buttons as well it cost about like this


Right, the issue is going to be that you are in Singapore.

Zigbee is the same throughout the world, but Z wave is restricted to specific frequencies in different regions in order to avoid interfering with ambulance and mobile communications, which are also on different frequencies.

Singapore’s Zwave frequency is not the one that is used for the US, and it’s not the one that is used for the EU and China. Instead, it is the same as the one which is used for South Korea and Thailand.

All of which means you are limited in the devices you can use, as you can see from the list of compatible devices for a SmartThings hub which is legal to operate in Singapore:


I had some devices in mind for this project, but they are not going to work in Singapore. :disappointed_relieved:

Also the aeotec doorbell button is unusual in that it itself is not zwave. It is an accessory to their Z wave doorbell chime and only works directly with that device.

So you may be back to having to choose between the smartthings button or one of the Eria remotes. Which might mean having to put another Zigbee device as a repeater.

I don’t know, I Will have to think about this a little. Hopefully some other community members will have additional ideas.

This is actually an option to get the chime as well which will light up and ring for a person to answer from the house. It’s about $50. It can connect to the smartthings hub so can send a notification as well. Can function as a repeater too?

Except I don’t think that device is sold on the Singapore zwave frequency. If you buy one from the US it will not work with the Singapore hub, and if you buy a US hub, it will not be legal to operate in Singapore even if they let you import it, which they won’t if they catch it at customs.

Oh, I can see some Aeotec Chime on sale in the local resale market.

So as long as the buttons are within the Hub range the notification will work…

For the Aeotec buttons?

No, those devices do not talk to the hub at all. They have to be within range of the chime device that they are connected to, although I see that the newest model has a longer range, they are 433 MHz devices. The older model was I think using Bluetooth and with a very short range. So you would need to check the model numbers as well.

In either case It is the chime device that communicates to the smartthings hub for that model.

I mean the smartthings button

Yes, Smartthings buttons communicate directly to the smartthings hub. So you would get a SmartThings notification. But that is not going to include the ring video, they will still have to open the Ring app to get to that I believe.

SmartThings video integration is quite limited.

Specifically with the ring doorbell, you can use the ring’s motion detection or button press to trigger and automation through smart things. But you can’t view the video stream or use the audio intercom from within the smartthings app. You have to go back to the Ring app for that.

What about an Arlo cam like what you suggested, can the hub push an arlo notification.

Interestingly exploring the Smartthing apps on my phone, i came about the ikea button,. Not sure if it can be customise to send notification.

@rboy is an expert on cameras and I am definitely not, so hopefully he’ll chime in. :sunglasses:

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You can check our Ring and Arlo, they do integrate with Smartthings but from what I’ve seen they tend to issues with the integration from time to time. No setup is going to be perfect, SmartThings currently has limited support for video integration with the new platform, something we’ve been requesting for a long time.

If you want video with the new platform, then I believe it’s Arlo, Ring and select Samsung cameras. If you want to use the Classic app you can use Foscam, Amcrest and a few others.
If you’re looking for a motion detected notifications on the new platform, then you can consider Arlo, Ring, Foscam and Blink. Some of these are custom integrations and each again has their own limitations, for example Arlo/Ring are Cloud to Cloud integrations, Foscam is run locally on your hub, Blink uses IFTTT.

It comes down to what specifically you’re looking for.