SmartThings compatible Alexa enabled Smart Switch for fluorescent tube lighting (zigbee preferred but all types welcome)

Is there a SmartThings compatible Alexa enabled zigbee Smart Switch for fluorescent tube lighting? My kitchen switch is a three way with a ground and neutral wire and my laundry room is regular I guess ( that’s what my handyman called it) with a ground and neutral wire.
Order of importance:

  1. Alexa enabled
  2. SmartThings compatible
  3. Zigbee
    I am so glad we have this community, I would be so much more lost without you guys! TIA!

I can’t answer your specific question, but any ST compatible switch can be Alexa enabled. So, you’ll get 1 for free with 2 in your list above.


My house was built in the 1950s and has a lot of fluorescent tube Lighting. We use Lutron Caseta switches and they work very well, although you need to check the specs for each model. You will also need the Lutron SmartBridge to make the integration work. (One bridge can support 50 switches.)

This is a 6A Switch we use in the kitchen.

Leviton has a zigbee line (not their regular zwave) and some of those models work with fluorescents, but they are mostly intended for commercial installations and can be hard to find. These have an official SmartThings integration and should not need custom code.

Leviton has a 10A zigbee Switch for higher loads like you might find in a basement or garage. As of today, it looks like Home Controls has it in stock:


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Is the 10A zigbee switch a three way? I will have to look into all of these. Thank you!

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I was unaware of this, thanks for the heads up!

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They can be used in a three-way according to the product description, but I haven’t looked at the details.