Master Device Compatibility List

New to ST so play nice with any of my perceived naivety here guys…

I am really struggling to find a ‘master’ list of all devices that cooperate with the ST system. Samsung have a generic page of devices that they have either extensively tested and/or have a corporate relationship with but for example, it seems to be very difficult to ask “what are all the smart plugs/outlets that are compatible with the ST system.”

Or put another way - I have purchased the ST system and want to be able to browse all the options for each of the categories it integrates with. I’m not so fussed about country specifics at this stage as I can do the legwork on that element of the research.

Either I’m being incredibly dim or someone is missing the most obvious of tricks.

There isn’t really a single place you can go to look for compatible devices.

Thanks for confirming that my dimness is not the issue here Mark, appreciated.

That being the case then, tips from the forum on where to find the most accurate and comprehensive repositories for compatible devices? How this doesn’t exist is beyond me…

(If you’re reading this Samsung, get to work getting this list created!)

I think this community is the master list, whenever I want to know if a device works I search here and usually find at least one thread about it with other people’s experience, custom DHs, etc… You’ll find that device compatibility with SmartThings is not a simple yes/no, many devices that work have issues and it’s a game of finding the one that has the less issues or the issues you are willing to live with…

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