Smartthings classic login page needs update

(Mike) #1

At this time of change between different apps and names all efforts to avoid confusion for users should be examined
The Smartthings classic in app login page needs to be changed as it is displaying a now incorrect title

The title should be changed as should the login options


LOL, can you imagine if the app actually gets an update right now what further confusion that would create even if the only change was to the name on the login page? I’m not sure I’ve even seen that page for over a year. I have been logged in to my app forever.

(Mike) #3

Its an interesting issue that needs attention, i tried to figure out whether the ’ new to smartthings ’ should have classic or not and to be honest my brain just melted thinking about it so i left it as is

(jkp) #4

As ST moves to a unified login, I believe the changes you want would confuse users even more in the long run. If a user believes they are signing up for a ST Classic login, imagine how confused they will be when told to switch to the new app.


To avoid further confusion with the 3rd name that was introduced. That term is being removed.

(Mike) #6

Never mind new users… i lost the will to live trying to figure out what it should be

But the smartthings logo does need changing to classic, at least then the login page matches the apps store name

(Mike) #7

Hehehe… when the name appeared i did wonder if a knuckle might have been wrapped

The name was easier to type though


:joy: Shoulda, coulda, woulda. They sure missed the boat on that one. The code name would have definitely been more fitting than the catastrophe that got created with the names chosen. That’s for sure!

(Mike) #9

Im just thankful Microsoft didnt buy St… thats a bullet dodged


Amazon listening: Blink, Ring and Connect to the future :grin: