Smartthings Classic App & Smartthings (new) App

I currently have both class app and Smartthings new app running on my android phone. Sometime the classic app shows that I am at home but the new app shows that I am away (which is correct) which ended up not switching my status to away & armed away . I dug some more into this issue and noticed that Under the IDE the Currently Mode is set to home. My question is how do I change the priority of the IDE to go with the New App instead of the Classic App?

Is there something you still need the classic app for? If not you could just ditch it, as it’s being phased out soon anyway. The less you do in the classic app the less you’ll have the hassle of transferring later.

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Any mode change being made in the new app does reflect in classic. Can you confirm that you’re using only using presence detection from one app, and not the other? And also that you’re either using STHM or SHM, but not both. You could have conflicting automations that are effecting the mode.

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When you mention mode, are you meaning the security mode or the location mode?

The location mode (formerly called the hub mode, I think) should always be the same regardless of how you view it.

The security monitoring smart apps are completely separate between the classic app (called SHM) and the new app (called STHM). You should use only one of the two apps for security monitoring.

please guide me how to add life 360 app and virtual device creator app in new smartthing app. so i will delete old smartthing app and start to use new smartthing app

Life360 is added in classic. Marketplace, Sensors, Presence Sensors, then Life360. You’ll then see each member as a device in the new app, as well as be able to see your service by clicking the menu button, cog button, Connected Services, then Life360.

Hey there! @Sagar sorry for the delayed response,

If you are still having issues, have you tried to set up Life360 via the Classic application?

You can do so by Navigating to Market Place > Ensure “Things” is Selected > Sensors > Presence Sensor > Life360 Connect will be an option.

Allowing you to enter your credentials and link it to Smart things classic application thus allowing it to be set up and ready for when your location has been flagged for migration.

I hope this message finds you well!