SmartThings Chameleon Smart Meter IHD Integration

I’m attempting to integrate my Mains Electricity SMETS v2 Smart Meter In-Home-Display (a Chameleon IHD7-CAD-PPMID device.)

Going via-

Android SmartThings App → + → Device → By Brand → Chameleon

Unfortunately, it gets stuck at the following screen-

Neither the “UPLOAD PHOTOS” or “UPLOAD A PDF” buttons do anything when I click them other than show a button shadow to indicate they recognise I’m pressing them.

Mobile is a Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro running MIUI 12.5.5 (aka Android 11.)

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Welcome Julie, i am wondering if it is a permission issue, in your phone settings, where the apps are listed, does Smartthings have permissions for photos ??

Its a starting guess but it sounds like a permission issue

Here are my permissions for Smartthings and for me the Chameleon photo upload worked only 2 days ago

That would make perfect sense, but after matching your permissions and restarting everything nothing changed.

It might be that I need to wait a bit longer, as I only received and had the IHD paired today - I note that the IHD currently only displays the gas usage and nothing else.

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I doubt waiting will help with uploading an image which is the bit your phone is not happy with at the moment.

Your phone was happy to upload a screenshot onto the forum (assuming you used the same phone) so i am a little perplexed at this point why clicking either of the options does not open your photo gallery or give access to your files where a pdf can be stored

Not having a Xiaomi phone i dont know if there is another setting somewhere that Xiaomi implement for security… guessing

Not sure if she will be able to have any further insight into your upload issue but i will tag @nayelyz (resident genius) at this point incase she can help more

Thanks for the tag! :smiley:
I don’t have information about that but I’m checking with the internal team who can help us troubleshoot.
@jewelie, just to confirm, that page is after logging in to the Chameleon page through the SmartThings app, right?

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Thank you!

In order to avoid the risk of giving you misleading information (because I’m not totally convinced I’m seeing exactly the same sequence that others are) this is the sequence I experience-

The same as mine Julie, i dont even have a Smets2 IHD but it appears i am enrolled onto the DCC network so was able to complete the setup

But what you see is exactly the same as mine all be it i was able to upload an image successfully

Just as a note i use a Samsung S10

Couple of things

@nayelyz have you seen @jewelie reply above ?

And to @jewelie
You sure you want to see how much electricity you are using, i have 3 days acurate historical data now… ouch, looks like retirement is going to have to wait :roll_eyes:

Yes, I’ve been investigating and the team mentioned that the page where the error is, is managed by Chameleon and we don’t have control over it.
So, please, contact their Support Team to see if they can check what’s going on. Keep us updated on what they reply.

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Ha. I can already see how much I’m using from an IHD etc. Actually, OVO Energy seem to have very impressive AI clevers too for breaking down what different types of devices seem to be using, which appears to be scarily accurate.

I only thought about adding the Chameleon to SmartThings on a whim. I don’t imagine I’ll personally actually use the SmartThings integration (yet) given the limited data given (currently.) It’s just that if I see a bug, I like to report them and try to get them fixed - a bit of an obsessive compulsion really, a habit from using open source software, a way to keep giving back. :smiley:

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Thanks, yeah, I suspected that was the case. Done, by email. And they’re being surprisingly good about it too: are open to receiving android system logs etc, so I’m hopeful they’ll work out what’s happening.


My IHD is Smets1 but as yet the DCC have not sent out the full update to allow for electricity useage to display on the unit, they have enrolled the supply so that is how i am getting my readings, its just good to see exactly what has been used and when… even if it is 2 days old

The contact i have had with Chameleon has been positive so far, shame they dont join up here on the forum but i am sure they have there reasons

The fact they are helping you is very encouraging, hopefully soon you will get to see some historical data in ST and the insights it also provides

@jewelie - did you ever find a solution for this? I’m having the exact same problem now in November


Chameleon replied with-

" Thank you for sending all the information across. Our team has been investigating the issue and they have advised that you would need to raise this with the Samsung Support Team at, as only they will be able to look into it."

So I gave up.

As a matter of interest, what phone were you using to do it? I’m on a Poco X3 Pro on MIUI 12. (Just in case it’s an MIUI vs SmartThings issue?)

It is a Motorola phone

I have managed to get it to work, I uninstalled smart things and reinstalled it.
It is all very clunky – can’t even get it to connect to my Samsung TV’s