Smartthings Cameras not recording clips

Hi there,

I have two samsung smarthings cameras that were working fine. However one day, these two cameras stop recording clips. It shows motion and sound detect but there is no clip. Any suggestion how to fix this issue?

Thank you for your time!

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Not sure what to tell you. Mine seem to be working fine. Check settings and automations/routines maybe?

I have same issue. Reading other posts, clip recording stopped in Dec2021. When I delete the device and add back, it will motion detect / record only the first time. Also updated iPhone app, no improvement. Worked great for over a year, disappointing SmartThings has not fixed such a basic need.

Like others I found a workaround using Automations and a virtual switch. Do search on Goovy and creating a virtual switch. The automation is: If camera motion then trip switch with auto-off after say 10s, and a second automation If switch tripped then start record. Basic plan will only take max 10s recording so it’s auto stop recording.