Alexa / ST / Broadlink routine?

I’m trying to start my home smart system, and i’m getting a broadlink RM pro to connect with my broadlink tc2 switchs, and i would like to get a ST to connect with sensors, alarm, thermostat, etc…
To make a routine using alexa, like “good nigth”, to switch off my lights and for example set the alarme and turn on my cameras, should i use the Alexa App ou ST? Because ST doesn’t connect with broadlink

Yes, That would probably be the easiest, although it will only be one way integration. That is, if you turn on the broadlink switch in anyway other than using SmartThings, SmartThings will not know that it was turned on. But it can still be a useful integration for many purposes.

The following FAQ explains how it can be done, as long as the broadlink switches do appear in Alexa routines . (This is a clickable link)

There are some community members who have created a different integration with broadlink, but it is quite complex and requires using an android device As well as another computer as a “man in the middle“ server. So it’s not a very popular integration, and the echo method is definitely a lot easier, but it will be of interest to some people.