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Smartthings Automation Timer not working

(PJ Matarese) #1


I created an automation to turn on the porch light when there is motion detected in the driveway. Everything works great - to a point. SUNSET / SUNRISE does not work at all so I hard coded the time from 5:30 PM to 6:30 AM). I would like for the light to turn off automatically after a preset amount of time. This should be no problem as there’s an option for that. the default of 10 seconds works fine; every other option (including CUSTOMIZE) leaves the light on indefinitely.


This is a known bug right now. Try using the official “smart lighting” feature instead of the custom automation creator, and you should be able to set the turn off timer.

(PJ Matarese) #3

Thought of that. Smart Lighting does NOT allow you to set the duration. The only option is to turn off the light(s) when motion stops. Since this is a porch light along the driveway I want to ensure that it stays on long enough to exit the car, get to the door, and unlock the house. I realize that most if this required some movement but I would prefer that the light not be turning on and off as it senses motion.

(Paul De Feo) #4

Sure it does. When you select turn off when motion stops, it will ask for a duration. I use it all the time this way with motion sensors.

(PJ Matarese) #5

Got it. Thanks for sharing!!