SmartThings Arrival Sensor Case Replacement

I have a Smartthings Arrival Sensor. Its plastic case is in the shape of a keychain. However, the one I have is cracking at the part that loops into the keychain.

The hardware inside does not have any issues.

Just the plastic is breaking down from normal wear and tear.

I do not know where to get more plastic cases for it.

I would be ok with a keychain thing with an empty enclosure which I could slip in the Arrival Sensor. Anyone know of any good ones?

Maybe @bamarayne could print one?

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can.

How much is it to print one?
I’ve never done 3d printing before.
Do you have the 3d file I can send to a 3d printing shop?

I can design one, I just need to get the dimensions of the device you have.
Once designed I can print it. As for the cost, I can’t give an accurate quote
on that just yet until I have more of an idea what I’m looking at.

I do not own one of the devices.