3D Printed Home Automation Gizmo's & Gadgets

Hello All

I thought it would be good to start a topic on 3D PRINTING as i have recently taken interested in getting one after months of saying i had no use for one . . . now im eager to see if i can make anything to better my HA setup or someone elses…

Sooooo this leads to the questions:

1.) Have you ever used a 3D Printer to make anything to better the SmartThings setup? be it a mount like @Tyler for a motion sensor or something a bit larger like a snazzy case for an Arduino/ThingShield project or an in wall mount for a tablet running SmartTiles.

2.) Is there anything you would like to see created or create yourself to better your SmartThings Setup?

i hope this topic can lead to a great mix up of ideas and hopefully help people make there ideas a physical product through the help of others etc etc :relaxed: cheers, kyle

I have a friend who has one and I have a queue of items lined up for him, I just feel bad bothering him about it.

  • Case for arduino + ThingShield
  • Mounting bracket / case for new window blinds project

Thinking about renting it off of him. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Both great ideas, hopefully at this top develops someone may be able to offer their services in designing or printing these for you :slight_smile:

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Hello I have a 3d printer! It is mostly a big boy toy, but it has come in pretty handy for a few household items including a servo mount for automated window blinds.

Ideally I would like to enhance this so that there is a seat for the photon attached to it, sort of an all in one package.

I would also like to make a housing for my next project as well where I will have a seat for photon, and an RGB repeater.

Good topic for discussion!

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I searched for this topic today because I was thinking of ways to mount my old android phones on the wall. Has anyone designed/printed an enclosure for old smartphones so that it can be mounted on the wall? I have a few ideas in my head like:

  1. design the enclosure so it can be mounted on a standard switch location
  2. design the enclosure so it will fit some common smartphones, S3, S4, iphones, etc.
  3. following #3 with an option to leave small room in the back to fit a wireless charger
  4. an option for the enclosure to sit on a desk/table

That’s just for starters… makes me want to try and learn how to 3D model with Sketchup and see what I can come up with.

I’m working on some 3D printed covers for light switches to let you mount z-wave button controllers or Philips Hue dimmers where the current light switches are/

Thread is here https://community.smartthings.com/t/design-for-a-frame-cover-to-let-you-replace-a-light-switch-with-no-changes-to-electrical-wiring-needed/