Arrival Sensor battery holder broken


I’ve had a Smartthings Arrival for a little over a year and started noticing that it would frequently say it was detected/not detected when it was just sitting at home. Opened it up and saw that the little clips in the battery holder have worn down and the battery just pops right out now. I’ve just shoved some paper in there for now to hold it down but I’m wondering if this is a common problem.

Those with arrival sensors, have you had any issues with the battery holder getting worn down? I’m a bit hesitant to just get another since I’m worried it’ll happen again.

(Paul) #2

Almost the same thing happened to my two presence sensors; the little plastic tabs snapped right off when I was changing the batteries (and I was really careful on the second one). My two were the original ST presence sensors, not sure if the internals are any different on the arrival sensors?


I don’t think they change or enhance the design. I noted once you put back the cover they are good so I just continue to use it.

(Bill S.) #4

My clips broke as well. I took a bit of tape and wrapped it over the top half of the battery and around the back of the circuit board. I haven’t had any issues since.

(Michael Harman) #5

That’s what I did, little bit of electrical tape and all was well.


Thanks for the suggestions folks. I changed the battery last night hoping that was it but it was still going nuts all night. I’ll give some electrical tape a try, but at this point I’m thinking my sensor my just be messed up.

(Bill S.) #7

It might also help to reset the sensor back to factory default and re-add it to ST. Just a thought.


Good idea, i’ll give that a try as well.

(Ray) #9

Maybe you are that super hero “Flash” and the sensor is actually working?
Try place the sensor at another location and see if that’s better. You will find from time to time that it will do what you described so let a rule to ignore it during late night to early morning when you are in bed sleeping.
I have 2 first gen sensors and they are super unreliable. One now is a spare with dead battery and the other one is modified to monitor my car when it’s started. The sensor will only get power when the engine is on.