Smartthings app wont work on Android 9 local network

I have the V3 hub conected with cabel.
I use a Android phone with latest OS 9.
When i are conected thru WIFI on local network with my phone the application will not load my items.
When iam on 4G mobil network the items load and all works fine.
Dont know what to do to get the smartthings app to work on WIFI homenetwork.
I also tried a IPAD with 12.2.3 same problem there.

If you are connected to Wi-Fi but you are not connected to the Internet, then the SmartThings app cannot work. It is a cloud-based system and it has to be able to talk to the smartthings servers. It does not talk to the hub directly. The phone app talks to the cloud and then the cloud talks to the hub.

Technically, they didn’t have to do it that way, but it is the way they chose to design it.

What runs locally?

Manual, on-demand control of a device or SmartApp through the SmartThings mobile app always requires an internet connection to the cloud and cannot be performed locally.

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when iam conected my phone to my wifi the app stops working. it only loads. with localy i mean my private network at home that the hub is conected thru

Sounds like your LAN is blocking traffic from your phone to the SmartThings cloud.


thanks it looks like my Pihole blocking it… now i have to find out how to whitlist


i whitelisted

EDIT: this also

now it works on my local wifi