SmartThings app on Gear S3 SmartWatch

Ok, they just updated the Gear S3 SmartWatch which removed the old S-Voice voice assistant, and added the Bixby voice assistant now (Yeppi). Now that Bixby is on my watch and can use voice control of SmartThings from my watch.

So, I decided to give the SmartThings Watch app another try. The SmartThings app on the Watch seems to be a little better then the last time I tried it, or maybe it’s because the new SmartThings Connect app integration has gotten better. However, the SmartThings app on the watch has a setting to use the watch status as a SmartThings Automation Condition, but when I try to toggle the ‘Use watch status’ feature in settings to on, it just hangs and never turns on. Even after reinstall of the SmartThings app on the watch, and after rebooting the watch, the setting just hangs when I try toggling it on.

Anyway, access to the SmartWatch status would be cool. I heard someone even used the watches status to turn things off when the watch sensed they where sleeping.

Does anyone with the Gear S3 or newer Gear SmartWatch have this ‘Use watch status’ feature enabled? And do you have the watch status working in SmartThings as an Automation Condition?

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My S3 behaves in an identical fashion. I find the Smarthings app on the S3 to be worthless. I installed an Alexa app and can use that to execute things on Smartthings.

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It’s probably the same as I see with my Galaxy Watch. Although, I can toggle ‘Use watch status’ it never shows up as selectable in automations. In the IDE, you may notice that it’s created its own location called ‘MyStatus’ and so it’s not in your regular location.

Mine works but nothing shows in the IDE. I do find it’s rather useless.

My watch has create another location on ide called “MyStatus”.
I ask to support a resolution, they told me to send them log file of watch and phone.
In this Community there are many people with this problem, for support I was the only one with this problem…
The problem is … they don’t understand the problem, they are no technical!

I received a response from SmartThings support to standby while they are investigating the issue.

@DaWeav Sounds promising

my S3 is stilll no update yet.

I received this response from SmartThings support about my Gear S3 status and SmartThings.

Thank you for your patience.

We apologize for the delayed response, we have been working on the issue that you are facing and we regret to inform you that the Samsung Gear watches are no longer able to be used in automation with the SmartThings.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Please feel free to write back to us for any further queries.

Samsung SmartThings Support

Unfortunately, my S3 has no update until that day. Honestly I’m tired to wait but maybe it’s something wrong with my S3, don’t really know. Thinking about buying something else instead of S3 but don’t really understand what would be the best choice. My friends told me that the problem maybe in the system itself. Anyway, I was surfing through the internet and found an interesting text at about some models. A few of them look pretty decent and maybe I’m going to exchange my S3 on one of this smartwatch.