Galaxy watch & "use devide status"

I have several smartthings sensors recently, and I have seen the “use device status” functionality in a menu option of the smartthings application of the smartwatch (samsung galaxy watch). From what I have read, if you activate that option, you can use the status of the clock as a condition in the “IF” of an automation, but I have activated that option in the smartwatch but in the smartthings application of the phone I do not get the smartwatch as a condition in an automation.

Is the “use device status” option of the smartwatch working?

Since I have activated the “use deveide status” option, a new “Mystatus” location has appeared on the “smartthings IDE” website with the smartwatch as a sensor, but I cannot include the smartwatch as a condition of an automation.

I Can not use the smartwatch in any automation as a presence but I’m able to control devices and scenes from the smartwatch.

Thank you very much and sorry for my English.

Exact same here. I can control using my watch but it doesn’t show up in automations

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I understood that these options, like the one that is put in “good night” mode could only be done automatically if the mobile to which the smartwtch was connected is a samsung.

Is your cell phone samsung?


Same problem here…

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But do you know if the option of including the smartwatch to perform an automatic action worked before or that has never worked?

And what activates the “good night” mode automatically, does it work ?. I have Xiaomi mobile and other colleagues have told me that if the mobile is not Samsung, this function does not work.


It has never worked. (Have not tested with old app).

“do not disturb” -mode in phone makes the watch silent too, but don’t know about the “good night” mode.

Have you tried to use the “Use phone location” in the new app’s settings after you have enabled the option in the watch?

I guess there should be the watch in the “devices” list.

Phone location works, and the watch shows in devices, but can not use it in automations, not found there…

Same here.

Then, … What is the “use device status” smartwatch option used for?

Well, I think (but I don’t know because it doesn’t work) you can automatically change the watch status to ‘good night’ etc in a Bedtime automation

It worked before.

The “use device status” smartwatch option creates another location in smartthings, at least in my case. I noticed it by checking locations in the smartthings ide. I guess that’s the reason why the status can’t be used as a condition on automations.
Not sure how to fix it, neither if it has to be like that.

I am encountering the same issue aswell now…has anyone found a (temporary) solution?

the watch app is so bad…never works for me. Worked semi well using Bixby from watch a few times but now doesn’t work well.

Maybe with the new SmartWatch on the street they may change their minds, but this is what the said back in June.

I would take that reply with a grain of salt, or nothing at all. Support is COMPLETELY useless. It is like they have teenagers running the support desk.

I sent in a request about my Aeon Power Meter graphs not showing up and after supplying them the gauntlet of useless information they requested they just replied “we’ll pass this on to development to look at”

Completely useless.

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