SmartThings App missing from Galaxy Watch 3

It seems incredible that Samsung has launched the Watch-3 without a killer application like Smartthings. An explanation is necessary.

same here with Watch 3

Hi everybody, I just saw an update of smartthings and installed it on my watch 3. It looks like it is working. Including widgets.

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Yesterday’s update 9/23 seems to have fixed the smartthings app on galaxy watch 3. Looks like customers/users put the pressure on well enough to get things moving :slight_smile: :grin:

On my Active 2 its still junk… :frowning:

It works on my gw3 as well.

Smartthings for Galaxy watch 3 was updated in Galaxy Store and now works.
Once installed, give it like a minute or 2 to synchronize with phone then go through setup to select what should be available.