SmartThings App missing from Galaxy Watch 3

It seems incredible that Samsung has launched the Watch-3 without a killer application like Smartthings. An explanation is necessary.

same here with Watch 3

Hi everybody, I just saw an update of smartthings and installed it on my watch 3. It looks like it is working. Including widgets.

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Yesterday’s update 9/23 seems to have fixed the smartthings app on galaxy watch 3. Looks like customers/users put the pressure on well enough to get things moving :slight_smile: :grin:

On my Active 2 its still junk… :frowning:

It works on my gw3 as well.

Smartthings for Galaxy watch 3 was updated in Galaxy Store and now works.
Once installed, give it like a minute or 2 to synchronize with phone then go through setup to select what should be available.

Not showing for me. West europe region.


Did you go to Galaxy Store and manually search for Smartthings app under watch category?

Yes I did. It’s not showing up on galaxy store.