SmartThings app - home & away not reliable on Galaxy S8

I have a problem with detecting home and away with my wifes phone - Samsung galaxy S8. It just doesn’t trigger - i mean it triggeres from time to time, but this is not what I want. I already checked everything around location within smart things app, so I am running out of ideas.

My phone S20FE in general detects fine, except from today, where I am still marked as away, although i am already at home :slight_smile:
Do you have a similar problems with this?

Yes, Pixel 7 Pro on latest factory Android 13.

I have discovered that the location functions of the app don’t survive a reboot. I have to (try to) remember to briefly start the app and then location will work until next reboot. I have not been able to figure out a cure. Came here specifically looking for a solution to that problem.

What version of Android are you running? Factory or rooted something or other? It’s been happening for about two months now. Annoying as heck to drive up to my house at night to find all the lights that should turn on at sunset off.

About to see whether Tasker, which I have not installed or used for a couple years, can solve the issue.

I use Tasker on a Pixel 6a running Android 13.

When my phone connects or disconnects from my home WiFi, Tasker flips the virtual presence sensor. It works well because I have cell coverage outside of my house.

At my cabin where cell coverage is very poor, arrival works well, but departure is not great because there is not always a way for Tasker to tell the ST server that I left.

Paul, thanks. Got Tasker set up just to start Smartthings every time I boot.

To clarify, only need to start Smartthings once, then I can close the app and location automation is still fine. Tasker just makes it so that I won’t forget. Don’t have the same problem with any other app, but I suspect it’s related to some Android 13 battery optimization and a failure of Samsung to address the issue in their app.

If Samsung is monitoring this forum…yes, I do have “App Battery Usage” set to “Unrestricted”, so that’s not it.

You are correct. I don’t keep ST open unless I am changing something.

Sometimes deleting the ST app and reinstalling will trigger all the right permissions (as you go through them). I’ve found that if you get a new phone and transfer all your apps/settings to the new one, location gets messed up, even though all the settings look right.