Android Presence Detection

(Darryl) #1

Does anyone have this working even half the time?

I added my android, and never have one in 3 days seen it show me as leaving my home. I have all the GPS/Location services enabled, and have even gone in and forced the smartapps (by going into settings) to retrieve my location while I was on the road—and I confirmed the phone was able to get the updated location successfully.

Thanks everyone.

(Av8rdude) #2

Mine works on 3 different android phones. When I have had problems I forced closed the app and then restarted. This should solve your problem.

(Darryl) #3

Thats interesting. Brand new phone, and I have force closed the app a few times… Definately indicates something is going on, i will restart my phone as a precaution tomorrow while im away from the house. In the mean time, SmartThings support did mention they are still working on improving its reliability :slight_smile:

I am just glad to hear its working for someone, so its something about my circumstances…

(Jeremy Whittaker) #4

I have it installed on my wife’s and my S4’s. Has worked flawlessly for about 2 weeks.

(John Essey) #5


On the cellular side, how close are you to your hub? I had to significantly expand my geo-fence area to where I normally connect to (on cellular) in order for this to work. When I’m on my wifi (or any of the open ones near my house), I am instantly located in the ST app.

I’ve tried using GPS to help, but, my phone has a problem with GPS lock, and burns through my battery trying to lock on, so I’m using other methods to identify and place my phone on the ST app as connected.

(Darryl) #6

Well, right now I am about 20 min from the house, and it still thinks I am home…

To be honest, I can keep the GPS/Location Services running 24x7, no problem as Verizon assists in getting the location extremely fast. I want to be able to use this as if it was the presence detector, and it lock/unlock doors/etc when I am near. I would think its capable of this functionality… Ill be reaching support today if at all possible.

(John Essey) #7


Gotcha! That’s rather weird it still shows you at home via your phone. Does google maps or another location-based app place you at home as well? Support is great, good luck!

(Cory S) #8

Some phones have a lot of issues with it. My GS3 is horrible, but my nexus 4 is rock solid. On a technical side the phone uses the location service to determine your location by using all your radios, GPS is usually a last resort. Mine for example uses WiFi most the time on my commute home along with cellular triangulation. it has never once failed (on my Nexus 4)

I really haven’t found the root cause yet. I know my GS3 works great with other apps that use the location services API, so it really makes me wonder if SmartThings is doing something that may not be best practice.

(Darryl) #9

@johnessey : yeah, Google Maps found me within a very accurate distance.


My android presence has been actually really well since a couple of updates ago. Now I have not tried enrolling more than 1 smartphone linked, that would be my next project. We’ll see how that one goes.

(Darryl) #11

Mine now is working perfectly… except for the fact that I can be sitting at my garage for a minute before it detects I am home… Additionally, I might be 3 miles from home before it sees I have left and closes my garage.

The closure isn’t an issue really, but the opening is a bit annoying…