Dimming/turning off/on all devices in a room

I bought V2 to replace my Wink Hub but to my dismay Smartthings doesn’t seem to be able to manage the rooms as a whole like Wink does. Am I missing something? And do really have to go 3 levels in to dim a light? I thought for sure you guys would dominate Wink, but I may be returning the V2 without that simple functionality.

So far it seems that this control isn’t here. I was disappointed with that missing option a well, I also came to V2 from wink. But I can tell you this, ST definitely dominates wink. ST is much more reliable, stable, and versatile.

I agree with all that but among all else it HAS to pass the wife test.

And she isn’t thrilled with having to down three levels to dim a light.

I would have thought if they were moving from tiles to a list, that the dimmer slide would be right up on top. Instead it’s still buried deep. If there was a simple, native method for having the lights dim to multiple levels depending on circumstance without requiring custom smart apps, I wouldn’t mind it so much, but yeah it’s annoying.