Dimmanually using smarthing app

I just got new linear wall dimmers installed. I then added them to lights & switches… i was surprised to see each one has one/off switch only! where is the dimming control functionality?? To manually dim or brighten a light?

Did i do anything wrong?


The dimmer slider is in Things. Click on the gear icon for the device. If you want to dim more than one together, you will need an app to do it. There are several ways to do it, depending on how you want to use them.

So no, you didn’t do anything wrong, that’s just a shortcoming of Lights & Switches.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah I do see it in things but that is where everything is… Not a very pretty place :slight_smile: and many steps to get to it…

I think this is a big oversight by smartthings design. Its a dimmer it should be really easy to dim and brighten. Hope an update will address it in the future. I am not talking about a group yet. Just one.

Thanks again…

OK. The issue is that the mobile app isn’t really a very good UI for controlling your lights day to day. It really is a configuration tool more than anything else. It’s where you set things up.

What you need to do is figure out how you really want to use your Smart Things. For example, there is a community published SmartApp called Dim and Dimmer. You create a Virtual Dimmer in the IDE; this will show up in your Things just like any other dimmer, and you could put it in the same Lights & Switches group. Then you install Dim and Dimmer, using this virtual dimmer as the master, and your real dimmers as the slaves. Whenever you change the dimLevel on the master, all of the slaves follow suit. That gets you half way to your goal.

Then, you install ActiON dashboard. That virtual dimmer can show up there, and that makes adjusting it (and all of the real dimmers) very easy on a single page UI. ActiON gives you a very clean and simple web interface to your ST setup.

If you really want to make the most out of SmartThings, you will need to do things like this.

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Ahhh :slight_smile: Nice.

You have thrown a bunch of new things for me to discover. :slight_smile: I will try to find them and play with them and see how that goes.

Thanks for the info. Once Ig et my hands dirty with the smart apps and the ide interface, I am sure I would be able to get more. I have another thread on how to dim a light really slowly, will see where that goes next :smile:

It would not be very difficult to write an app that does the very slow dim that you’re looking for. There is a method called runIn(seconds) that will queue a method to run 5 minutes later. So your 30 minute dimming thing could be accomplished a number of ways. You could have an app dim by 3% every minute or so, for example… Send me a PM if you get stuck…

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Thanks… Will give it a try…

Dim and dimmer doesn’t get added to light and switches. It just changes the dim levels based on the mode… Away or home… I couldn’t add to lights and dimmers…

Sorry, my mistake. I was thinking of Dim With Me. Check that one out.