Smartthings Android app update v1.7.51.42

Um everything just deleted b4 my eyes…says I have no devices

Ok @blake.arnold, this is going downhill…

Thank you Android users for testing before we iOS users :slight_smile:

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Sign out/sign in?

@blake.arnold all devices just deleted itself right b4 my eyes. Says I have no devices. What the hell just happened?

Oh snap, my wife’s phone is now $hit too and she hasn’t updated. WTF now…

My house is.dumb…I have to get up & hit a switch. & lock my door.

Yep… iOS app is starting to crash. Weather and STHM are not loading now

Looks like they’re having an unrelated outage om some shards John… Its not you. Be patient.

I needed an excuse to open my box with the Hubitat hub…

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Yeah I’m seeing the other posts light up now too.

@johnconstantelo that’s what I was about to ask you…how complicated is hubitat? I know already my schlage wave lock is not compatible.

And we’re back, BUT all my settings, room sort orders, and favorite devices are now reset to as if it’s a completely new install. Yay.


Yeah remind me to submit a ticket on that…

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I’m not sure if the location is actually working even though you can now enable it. At least for me, I walked outside the Geo zone and my SmartThings classic app showed its present sensor as being away but still the new app shows the presense sensor is still present so not sure what’s going on but maybe it’s only partially fixed.

I’ve not fired mine up yet so I can’t really compare, but there are discussions in the Community specifically about this. I’m sure @jlv can point you to a couple.

Oh great. Did you wait longer than the presence timeout value? I’m about to try myself.


This morning, I tried and no luck so I called Customer Service again to report that now my phone (Pixel) also went dumb. The agent started to walk me through the settings within Smartthings and as I got to Use This Phone for Location, the toggle worked. For now, it appears fixed and I retweaked my automations to pick up the phones. The oddity is that in the selection window under the “who” in the IF statement shows our phones twice. I will not try to drop one of each, I’m leaving well enough alone.

Im.back online also. But alot of checking status boxes. Rooms in.ordee though