Smartthings android app update - 4 Aug 21

I think the news of the 200 device restriction lift, might overshadow the Edge announcement.

but Good News!


Thank you so much for clarifying this blake! There are a lot of people turning blue from the 200 device limit and are planning to leave the platform if not lifted soon enough. Please sort this out as there will be no more us left in the community to help you guys with the transition and alpha/beta programs.

From what i understand, groovy will be arround until the drivers exit the beta state?

Also which dths is smartthings going to convert to the new edge drivers? Everything in the SmartThings public, devicetypes folder?

What do you mean by SAs? Edit: this must be SmartApps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Sorry, SA = SmartApps.

You’re right, we know it’s a small group numerically but those users have a very big positive impact in the community. We’re sorting it out and will make it right.

Going to take the rest of this over to the new thread on Edge platform so that we can keep info about that topic in the same place.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience.


@blake.arnold Sure move it over as i have more questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Btw the reply to (specific) post button does not work.

Thanks for the update Blake.

Unfortunately for me, this update seems to have broken a few things for me:

  • Both my Schlage locks went offline after the update for no reason at all
  • When trying to exclude devices from the network, no devices are ever detected
  • I can’t add any new devices to my network

I opened a case with ST support, but am getting nowhere with them. So at this point, I’m dead in the water with both my locks unusable and three new devices that I need to add, but can’t. :frowning:

That is fantastic news, hopefully some of our most experienced users will decide to stay a bit longer :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Understatement of the century, Blake. Wish you’d have been here this weekend. It wasnt a happy time.

Too little too late - I’ve already started the move.

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@blake.arnold Help us out with the iOS app disaster PLEASE!

If you don’t mind me asking, what did you end up moving to?

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Im in the final stages of moving to Home Assistant Terri. Very flexible but not for the faint of heart or strangers to JSON/YAML and command line. I would NOT recommend it for my parents.


That’s VERY welcomed news, thanks @blake.arnold . I won’t unbox any of the HA stuff from Amazon I just got quite yet then. :wink:


What about 200 automatons limit?

Hi, what about the 200 automatons limit?

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Hey @blake.arnold i think he means about the 200 devices limit. When it will be lifted for android.

No, i mean to 200 automatons and scenes limit.
Its another smartthings limit …

Really? Wow this is slowly getting out of hand.

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Does this really exist? That seems low given it can take 3 or more automations to replicate one smart lighting automation.

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Where have you seen this? If you are experiencing this, can you post a screenshot?

I recently encountered the 200 automation and scene limit as well. I had to delete scenes and redo automations and move some automations to Sharptools to get around this because what took 1 smart lighting automation takes 2-3 app automations.
I believe they are counting each individual scene and automation that appears under the automation tab.


Having a strange problem since the NewApp UI update on just my wife’s Galaxy S8. I have a piston that detects presence changes. Sometimes a not-present is followed with a false present event anywhere from 40 seconds to about 3 minutes later. Sometimes it flips back to not-present in a minute or two, other times it doesn’t flip back. The phone had Original ST App at one point. All presence devices have placeholder.