Smartthings android app update - 4 Aug 21

Really? Wow this is slowly getting out of hand.

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Does this really exist? That seems low given it can take 3 or more automations to replicate one smart lighting automation.

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Where have you seen this? If you are experiencing this, can you post a screenshot?

I recently encountered the 200 automation and scene limit as well. I had to delete scenes and redo automations and move some automations to Sharptools to get around this because what took 1 smart lighting automation takes 2-3 app automations.
I believe they are counting each individual scene and automation that appears under the automation tab.


Having a strange problem since the NewApp UI update on just my wife’s Galaxy S8. I have a piston that detects presence changes. Sometimes a not-present is followed with a false present event anywhere from 40 seconds to about 3 minutes later. Sometimes it flips back to not-present in a minute or two, other times it doesn’t flip back. The phone had Original ST App at one point. All presence devices have placeholder.