SmartThings (and SH in general) WIN

Let me give you a brief overview of my current life, and a recent epic win from SH/ST

We bought a home, and it needed work. Being who I am, the first thing I did was put in the SkyBell, ST, and the internet connection. Along with smart locks, motion sensors, thermostats, etc.

Queue the endless contractors working on the home… they get their own access codes for the locks (since we are not yet moved in…) and the home gets a default “quiet construction mode” from 9-5 weekdays.

During this time I see the house go quiet at least 3-4 times but left unlocked… so I locked it. Once or twice they left sliders open… so I drove over and closed it up.

Once or twice contractors forgot codes and called me. I unlocked and reminded them of their codes.

This week was our move in week - so we are now in but running around like crazy finishing the move and cleaning up the rental, so we missed the carpet installer one morning. He rings the bell, which is a skybell… I answer at the old home on my phone, verify he’s from the carpet place, and unlock the door for him. After three hours the motion dies down, but the door is closed and unlocked… so I lock it.

We also missed a craftsman stopping in to measure cabinets. I let him in (he remembered to lock the door when he left) and we had a delivery of tile (I opened garage door, they texted when they were done, I closed it.)

All of this awesome was enabled by smartthings… and really, it has made such a difference.

Just one positive experience. YMMV


I too really benefited from similar situations during my recent addition.

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Love the story!!! Should totally be featured on the blog!

Can’t wait to see the final product! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing this story with us!

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