Not able to enroll Schlage touchsceen deadbolt

I have factory reset the schlage deadbolt because I was not sure it removed from my almond+ correctly. I have attempted many times to connect it to the ST v2 hub and it won’t. After punching in the 6 digit code and then hitting 0 it tries about 3-5 seconds and then blinks the red X. I have pulled the lock from the door and brought it to within 1 foot of the hub and that didn’t change anything. I have tried from an iPhone and from an android phone the app just searches and searches forever. I have tried searching under the security then lock and under general search with the same results. What can I do next? Can I manually enroll it on the dev site?

In addition to performing a factory reset you need to confirm that you’ve excluded the lock.

Follow the steps at the bottom of this article:

Do you receive confirmation that it has excluded?

That was it… I guess I need to read the whole page of instructions… Thanks!

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Not to resurrect a dead item but instead of starting a new thread about the same thing…

OK I have the same problem. Except that can not enroll or un-enroll my lock even after the z-wave exclusion. My lock just sits there trying to program to smart things and all I get is a red X. The lock is nowhere to be found on smartthings. When I check the lock to see if it is enrolled by the lock instructions, it says it is enrolled (schlage back button blinks red one time when batteries are connected).

So I can not un-enroll my lock at the lock itself.

I can not find an enrolled lock on the smartthings app or anywhere else.

I have reset the smartthings hub.

I have reset the lock, but it stays enrolled no matter what I do but is not seen by smartthings.

Any suggestions?

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Try putting the st hub within 3 feet of the lock.
Then exclude it and make sure the app says 1 item excluded. Then try again.

Does not work. I am at a total loss on this one. Usually I can debug just about everything but no matter what I do, the lock says it is enrolled and smartthings says it is not. Yet, I can not do an exclusion no matter what I do.

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There’s an FAQ specifically for the Schlage locks, they can be annoying. :rage:

Read the FAQ, and follow Walter’s instructions in post 4 exactly even if you think you have already done some of the steps.

The app won’t say one item excluded if you are doing a general exclude for an item that never paired successfully to the smartthings network. That’s what the general exclude is for: to allow you to exclude a device which is not actually on your own network yet. The two can’t talk to each other until a security key has been successfully exchanged. So there won’t be a success message.

With a Schlage lock, just follow Walter’s steps in the FAQ, and it should work. :sunglasses:

I got it unenrolled. All it took was to hard wire the Smartthings Hub to the router. I got the lock to unenroll after I did this.

I did all these steps. BTW, the lock nametag Schlage on the back will blink 3 times during a reset, not twice.

Anyways, the hard wiring to Hub to the Router via Cat5 seems to have done the trick. Do not think it was a near/far situation as I had already replaced the batteries with fresh ones and the Hub is only 10 feet from the lock. That combined with when I first paired the lock, the hub was about 20 feet away.

Maybe it was because I paired (maybe) the lock with the Hub hard wired and tried to un-enroll through Wifi.

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Now the smartthings hub will not connect even though it was restarted. This is twice now this has happened where the smartthings hub disconnect and then does not reconnect.

Edit: As soon as I reconnected the CAT5, it connected right up. I thought that this wifi situation was resolved?

Now I can’t get the lock to enroll and the hub is siting 6 inches from the lock.

Did a factory reset on the Hub and it updated, added my thermostat, tried to ad my lock and nothing can be found. But the lock now says it is un-enrolled by the no Schlage flash when the batteries are reconnected.

Think I have the answer.

I did put my phone in 2.4G instead of 5G for the wifi.

The lock decided to connect with the hub.

Changing the wifi on my phone to 2.4G instead of 5G should have made no difference though.