Not able to enroll Schlage touchsceen deadbolt


(Kollin VanDenHeuvel) #1

I have factory reset the schlage deadbolt because I was not sure it removed from my almond+ correctly. I have attempted many times to connect it to the ST v2 hub and it won’t. After punching in the 6 digit code and then hitting 0 it tries about 3-5 seconds and then blinks the red X. I have pulled the lock from the door and brought it to within 1 foot of the hub and that didn’t change anything. I have tried from an iPhone and from an android phone the app just searches and searches forever. I have tried searching under the security then lock and under general search with the same results. What can I do next? Can I manually enroll it on the dev site?


In addition to performing a factory reset you need to confirm that you’ve excluded the lock.

Follow the steps at the bottom of this article:

Do you receive confirmation that it has excluded?

(Kollin VanDenHeuvel) #3

That was it… I guess I need to read the whole page of instructions… Thanks!